Mega GIRP is a physical installation of Bennett Foddy's popular flash game, GIRP.

GIRP has often been described as "Twister for your fingers." I wondered: what if GIRP was actually for your full body?

Instead of using the keyboard, players now play on four dance pads arranged in a large square, where the buttons are mapped to all 26 letters. The game's "flex" button is placed in the center.

Drawing inspiration from Foddy's original keyboard version, the installation is intended to be somewhat, physically awkward. Players must continually crane their neck to look up at the screen, while also concentrating on the pads below them. Yes, it's difficult.

The game was shown at Arcade Boat 2011 in Copenhagen, and also at Babycastles' F%!K THE SCREEN exhibition.

I am currently working on some new physical party games designed for the same four dance pad interface.


Original game by Bennett Foddy. Play it here.

The installation uses Joy2Key to map dance pad input to keyboard input.

Thanks to Brandon Boyer for tech support.

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